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New Resident Screening in Mainlands 4

Please read the following guidelines carefully prior to completion and submission of application documents. This will save you time and money and help ensure the application process runs smoothly. The first step in starting the process is to send a fully executed copy of your contract for purchase. That triggers the Screening and Approval process outlined below.


In addition, be advised that once ALL application documents and fees are received, the Association has 30 days to complete the process, so please plan accordingly with submissions and closing schedules.

Eligibility Requirements & Disclosure of Material Property Restrictions


  • Age Requirements: This is an Age 55+ community. At least one permanent resident of each household must be age 55 or older.

  • Credit Worthiness: All buyers who will be on the deed must have a credit score of at least 700 in order to purchase a house in Mainlands Section IV.

  • Child Residents: Adult children over the age of 18 are permitted to live with a parent; however, no children under the age of 18 are permitted to live in Section IV.

  • Child Visitors: Children under the age of 18 are permitted to visit residents up to 30 calendar days in any 12 month period, with each part of a day constituting a day.

  • Maximum Occupants: Each residence is limited to four occupants and each occupant must be listed on the application form.

  • Overnight Parking: No overnight parking is allowed on the streets of Mainlands IV. All vehicles must be parked in the driveway or garage of each unit. Overnight visitor parking is available at the Clubhouse with prior written permit issued by the Board. No parking on the grass is allowed.

  • Lease Restrictions: Our governing documents preclude leasing property within 24 months after purchase. Thereafter, owners may execute one lease during any 12 month period, with leases to be at least three months in duration. No daily, weekly, or monthly rentals are permitted.

  • Declaration of Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws are available here.

  • Rules and Regulations that govern the use of recreational facilities and provide other guidelines for living in Mainlands IV are reviewed and given at the time of the interview.

Potential Requirement to Correct Housing or Landscaping Deficiencies


  • Homeowners are required to provide notice to the Association of their intention to sell a home within Mainlands IV. Upon receipt of this notice, our Violations Committee will inspect the home to determine if there are any housing or landscaping deficiencies as provided in Mainlands IV governing documents and prepare a written report, including mandatory corrective actions, if any. The deficiency report will be provided to both Seller and Buyer.

  • If the inspection report includes mandatory corrective actions, the Seller must correct violations before sale proceeds. If the Buyer agrees to make the repairs, the Seller and Buyer must sign a “Statement of Agreed Repairs” agreeing which party will be responsible for taking corrective action and when such actions will be completed. The Statement of Agreed Repairs must be submitted to the Association, prior to the Association issuing a Certification to permit the sale of the unit or issuing an Estoppel Letter to your closing agent and the Certification will be contingent on such Repair Agreement.

The Screening and Approval process consists of the following three steps:


NOTE: A copy of the property sales contract must be provided to the Association upon acceptance by all of the Parties and prior to the application documents being provided. This may be sent by email to

Step 1: Credit Report and Criminal Background Check

  • All permanent residents over the age of 18 that will be living in the house are subject to a credit report and criminal background check. For US Citizens and US Permanent Residents, the fee for this service is $67.00 per person and must be submitted by money order.

  • All adult applicants must complete the Scott Roberts & Associates Disclosure & Authorization Form and provide their Name, Birth Date, Drivers’ License Number (and State of Issue), and Email Address to Mainlands IV to start the credit report/criminal background check process. This is included in the Application Packet.

  • Fees for Canadian Nationals are $120 US per person and must be submitted by money order. Fees for other Foreign Nationals can vary substantially (up to several hundred dollars US) based on country of current residency. Foreign Nationals must contact Mainlands IV in advance of submitting application materials to determine correct fees. Additional background check forms may be required based on Country of Current Residency, as specified by Scott Roberts & Associates.

  • Fully executed Contracts are required to receive the Application Packet. To start the screening process, submit completed (1) Application packet, which includes the Credit Report & Criminal Background Check Authorization forms, and (2) a money order for specified fees payable to “Mainlands Section IV.”

  • Do No Send any form of Photo Identification with your Application, Credit Report, and Criminal Background Check authorizations. If required, photo identification will be provided directly to Scott Roberts & Associates under separate cover and will not be available to the Association.


Step 2: New Residents Interview & Orientation

  • If your application is approved, you will be notified by the New Residents Committee. Members of the Committee have no contact with the Buyers prior to approval of the Buyer’s application.

  • In the rare instance of non-approval, Buyers will receive written notification of the reason(s) for non-approval consistent with requirements of the US Fair Credit Reporting Act, US Department of Housing & Urban Development, and the Broward County, FL Human Relations Commission.

  • Upon approval of the application, an interview will be scheduled with the Committee, and will be arranged with the prospective buyer and committee and are usually held in the evenings. All persons who applied must participate in the interview.

  • With prior arrangement, Interviews may be conducted by Skype or FaceTime, provided the Association has received all Interview Documents signed or notarized, as specified, in advance of the interview.

  • There is a non-refundable New Residents’ Application & Orientation Fee of $250 (for the first two applicants and $100 for each additional applicant), which must be paid by money order with application. If all parties that applied are not interviewed at the same time, there will be a $100 charge for subsequent interviews. 

  • Sellers (or their real estate agents or personal representatives) are responsible for providing all New Resident forms and instructions to Buyers and making all arrangements with the New Residents Committee.


Step 3: Certification of Approval of Sale, and Estoppel Letters

  • Upon completion of the New Residents’ Committee interview, Buyer will be provided with a Certification of Approval issued over the corporate seal of Mainlands IV Civic & Recreation Association. This will permit same-day closings as may be required.

  • The Association will issue an Estoppel Letter to Buyer’s or Seller's closing agent at any time upon request of Buyer/Seller and payment of an Estoppel Letter Fee of $250.00 – payable in advance by money order or payable by check from Buyer’s/Seller's closing agent. if you would like the Estoppel rushed (3-5 days), there is an additional $100 fee. If the account is in collections, there is an additional $150 fee. Estoppel Letters may be issued in advance of the New Residents’ Committee interview if so requested, within 10 days of receipt of payment as stated above and are valid for 30 calendar days or through the date for which HOA dues have been prepaid. Should you request the Estoppel be completed before the interview and approval, please notify the Association. In addition, it is best for the closing agent to provide the association with the Estoppel form as each closing entity differs in their needs.

  • By completion of the application, Buyer(s) give(s) permission to their Closing Agent to provide closing documents without demand to Mainlands Section IV Civic and Recreation Association, Inc., to confirm closing and ensure timely transfer of internal ownership accounts, including Buyer(s) contact information. Please provide a copy of the the Warranty Deed and Closing Statement at closing. 

  • Delivery of Documents. All documents may be provided to the Association New Residents Committee in any of the following ways:

    • By Hand, by US Mail, or by Express Delivery Service (without signature requirements) addressed to 4630 NW 46th Street, Tamarac, FL 33319.

  • All parties agree that completed contract documents may be conveyed by electronic submission and electronic signatures shall be accepted as originals.

  • No application is considered complete without the Application fee and Background fee(s) payment being received at the Association office and the application will not be processed without payment. 


Useful Forms and Links

Recorded HOA Documents

For a complete application package, please submit the fully executed contract by email to

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